Large iceberg north of West Fjords

A large iceberg is now located by Hornbanki, about 40 miles northeast of Horn, the northernmost part of the West Fjords. It is stuck at a depth of 100 m.

“This is huge,” remarks Guðmundur Gísli Geirdal, skipper on Gísli KÓ-10. “I sailed all the way up to it, and some pieces were falling from it,” he tells

“It’s at a location where I’ve been catching very large fish, and I sailed all the way to it and caught quite a bit of the large fish. I got four tubs of [cod], over 20 kg a piece. That, of course, is amazing,” Guðmundur states.

Another fairly large iceberg, with two towers is now located 6 km north-northwest of Reykjaneshyrna, which is on the east side of the West Fjords. It is about 18 km from the shore, drifting west, the Icelandic Met Office reports.




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