Action needed where drones are a threat to Arctic terns

A steady stream of tourists has created a need for major improvements in the area by Grótta on Seltjarnarnes point, near Reykjavík. The situation has reached a point where the area can barely handle the traffic. This is the view of Karen María Jónsdóttir, deputy member of the municipal council, who also is a member of the Seltjarnarnes environmental committee.

Karen writes in the local Nesfréttir that the stream of visitors calls for action. Arctic terns attack drones in an effort to protect their nesting area, garbage bins are overflowing, and there is a lack of information on how to conduct oneself in the area.

She points out that restroom facilities are lacking, as well as places where you can purchase refreshments. She suggests closing the current road, where the parking lot is now located, and moving the parking lot to a slightly more distant lot, recently purchased by the municipality. At the new location, a service center should be built, she suggests, where visitors can be informed about the area.




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