Landowners close off natural hot pool due to "total direspect by tourists"

The cave has been closed off with a locked fence ...

The cave has been closed off with a locked fence and gate.

Landowners at Vogar in Mývatnssveit county in North Iceland have decided to close off the natural pool Kvennagjá which is located inside a cave and has been a popular bathing spot for years. 

One of the landowners, Ólöf Hallgrímsdóttir speaking to, says that the area has often been left in a terrible state and therefore they had to resort to closing it off temporarily to protect it. 

"There is total disrespect. Nobody pays any attention to the signs. People are actually having bowel movements there, washing their socks and shoes, their dirty dishes, brushing their teeth and some people even sleep in the crevasse."

Toilet paper floating in Grjótagá natural bath.

Toilet paper floating in Grjótagá natural bath.

 Landowners have now put up a fence with a lock on it to prevent people from sneaking into the hot pool. It is still however possible to take photographs of it. "We're not prepared for this increase in visitors to the area. It's a wonderful bathing spot and we don't want it to be ruined," said Hallgrímsdóttir. 


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