Charming Icelandic swimming pools you have to try

Summertime in Hofsós Pool.

Summertime in Hofsós Pool.

One of the most quintessential things to do on an Icelandic road trip is to bathe in the local pools. Each community has its own warm bathing spot, be it in a large sports hall or by a small hillside cabin.

Húsafell Pool – WESTERN REGION

Waterslide in Húsafell.

Waterslide in Húsafell.

The Húsafell swimming pool represents one of the most popular pastimes in the area’s natural paradise. It first opened its doors in 1965 but it has been renovated since and now boasts two pools, two hot tubs and a small waterslide.

The Húsafell pool is the most expensive of the ones on this list. The entrance fee is 1,300 Kronas for adults and 300 for children ages 6 to 14.

Lýsuhólslaug – WESTERN REGION

Lýsuhólslaug is unlike any other.

Lýsuhólslaug is unlike any other. Photo/

A hidden gem in the flora of pools, Lýsuhólslaug on Snæfellsnes peninsula is like no other. It may not look like much as it cuddles up to the cliffs in Staðarsveit but its mineral water comes straight from the earth and is believed to be healthy, calming and healing. No chemicals, such as chlorine, are mixed in the water.

Entrance fee is 1,000 Kronas for adults and 300 for ages 6 to 17.

Drangsnes Pool - WESTFJORDS

The swimming pool in Drangsnes opened in 2005.

The swimming pool in Drangsnes opened in 2005.Þorkell Þorkelsson

When in Drangsnes, in the northern Westfjords, a stop in the hot tubs lodged on its beaches is a must. Admission to the tubs is free but travelers may also want to visit the new swimming pool, located in a scenic spot. Admission is free for those under the age of sixteen and adults pay 600 Kronas.


Hofsós Pool boasts a view of Drangey.

Hofsós Pool boasts a view of Drangey. Hallgrímsson

The magnificent view from the swimming pool in Hofsós over Skagafjörður and the island of Drangey is an obvious pull for travelers who want to rest their weary bones. The pool opened in March 2010 and was a given to the county by two businesswomen, Lilja Pálmadóttir and Steinunn Jónsdóttir

Adults pay 900 Kronas and children ages 8 to 18 pay 300.


Hot tubs in Þelamörk.

Hot tubs in Þelamörk. Photo/

Jónasarlaug in Þelamörk  is named for the poet Jónas Hallgrímsson. It was built between 1943-1945 and is a popular resting place for families traveling in the North. Extensive renovations were made in 2008 were both hot tubs and a waterslide were added. 

Admission for adults is 800 Kronas.

Selárdalslaug – EASTERN REGION

The swimming pool in Selárdalur.

The swimming pool in Selárdalur. Hallgrímsson

Selárdalslaug in Vopnafjörður is a bit out off the beaten track but that makes it all the more exciting. It stands on the banks of Selá river that runs through a shallow canyon. The pool is known for its beautiful surroundings, rain or shine. At 33 degrees Celsius,  the main pool is warmer than the average Icelandic pool but guests can also splash around in a shallow kiddie pool or relax in the hot tub.

Adults pay 700 Kronas and 13 to 16 year olds pay 350. Younger children bathe for free and the same goes for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Vestmannaeyjar Pool – SOUTHERN REGION

The waterslides in the Westman Islands are the real deal.

The waterslides in the Westman Islands are the real deal. Photo/

The outdoor area by the Westman Island swimming pool is comfortable, yet exciting. Children and adults alike enjoy the climbing wall, basketball hoops and the two waterslides the pool has to offer.

One of the slides ends in a trampoline that shoots swimmers up into the air before they land in the deep end of the large pool.

Admission for children between the ages of 10 to 17 is 200 Kronas and admission for adults is 900 Kronas.

Of course, the pools listed are only a fraction of those that the country has to offer. Further information about pools by region can be found here.




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