Long term weather forecast for Iceland turns out to be "fake news"

An absolutely awful long-term weather forecast for the summer in Reykjavik travelled far and wide on social media this weekend and almost bringing tears to eyes. However, it has now come to light that is was just a joke. 

"It was only supposed to be a little joke," said Ingþór Ingólfsson who manipulated the map. The weather has certainly been pretty atrocious lately with weather forecasters calling it the worst May in decades.  Thankfully, the summer doesn't look quite as bad as Ingólfsson predicts in his "joke" forecast. 

His forecast only showed two days of sunshine in over two and a half months. The rest was mostly rain and cold temperatures. 

"I suppose that this shows that a small joke can go all around the internet," said Ingólfsson. His fake forecast hit headlines when the Iceland Met Office was asked about it on Sunday night. 

"I'm sorry to the Iceland Met Office to have to answer for this nonsense," said Ingólfsson. 

Today is however pretty close to his forecast, storm and rain. 




11 °C



11 °C

Rain showers


11 °C