A new hotel for Lækjargata, one of Reykjavik city centre's main streets

The office of the Reykjavik Building Inspector has accepted an application from the Íslandshótel hotel chain to build a five storey hotel with 103 rooms in Lækjargata 12 and adjacent building in Vonarstræti which will be rebuilt. 

A parking garage will also be installed underneath the hotel. According to board director of Íslandshótel, Ólafur Torfason, they are very pleased that the project can commence. Íslandshótel purchased the building lot in the autumn of 2014. 

"It's been a difficult starting process. It's a relief that this has finally come through. Archeological remains were found in the building lot in 2015. Research of these findings took some time. We will be displaying these artefacts and are still looking into how that will be done. It's a sensitive corner of the city and many people have an opinion on the design. We're happy with the conclusion," he said speaking to Morgunblaðið. 

Construction of the hotel will begin this summer. 




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