"Iceland has been marketed as a country without dangers"

Graphic designer Ívar Björnsson made warning signs his focus for his final project at the Icelandic Academy of Arts upon graduation.  "Iceland has been marketed too much as a country without dangers," he says to Morgunblaðið. 

"There have been promotional videos for example that show unrestricted access to nature with people dancing on delicate soil, icebergs and next to boiling geysers.  It's not enough just to make warning signs when they go against people's expectations of a country."

His research he feeels proved how different warning signs are all around Iceland and how badly they are made. He was inspired for his final project by an interview he saw in Morgunblaðið where designer Atli Hilmarsson criticised the warning signs at Reynisfjara, a particularly dangerous beach. 


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