Luxair flies to Iceland next summer

Airline Luxair have decided to commence direct flights to Iceland next summer, once per week on Wednesdays in May and June.

According to information from Isavia Luxair had a few chartered flights to Iceland in 2015 and 2016 and one chartered flight in March this year. 

Luxemburg used to be one of the most common cities for Icelanders to visit as it played a large role in Loftleiðir, the former Icelandair.  The company was able to make stop-overs in Luxemburg and thus bridge the gap between Europe and North America for a lower price than had previously been possible. 


USD USD 102.95 EUR EUR 125.95
GBP GBP 142.04 DKK DKK 16.91
NOK NOK 13.07 SEK SEK 12.79
CHF CHF 106.92 JPY JPY 0.93

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