An old downtown cinema is transformed into exhibition for tourists

Austurbæjarbíó, or the East Reykjavik cinema on Snorrabraut has now been turned into an exhibition space for "Tales of Iceland," an exhibition on Icelandic history, nature and society. 

A team of cinematographers have been working on the project for four years. "I think its really nice that a role has been found for this historic building, it's been struggling a bit in recent years but now its been rebuilt to house this entertaining and interesting exhibition," says managing director of Tales from Iceland, Jón Gunnar Bergs.

He adds that the exhibition is not only aimed at tourists. Both exhibitions are also of great interest to Icelanders as they on one hand show Iceland, it's country and people from a visitor's perspective, and the other shows highlights from Iceland's history in a modern format."  The exhibition is free for September if people register on the website 

From October 2nd onwards there will be an entry fee. 

The exhibition is based on numerous films that span three to four minutes each placed on 14 giant screens spaced over two floors. The exhibition is in English but more languages will be available at a later date. 

"Our hope is to help to build up this East central area of Reykjavik. We're close to Hlemmur where the food hall opened recently and we're going to rent out the building as well for closed receptions outside normal opening hours."


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