Magnificent Northern Lights expected this week

 "If the skies are clear then people have a great chance of seeing magnificent and impressive Northern Lights this week," says astronomer Sævar Helgi Bragason who is also editor of Iceland's leading astronomy website Stjörnufræðivefurinn. 

"Solar winds will be causing small magnetic storms until Saturday which means that we will be getting colourful, dancing Northern Lights," says Bragason. Northern Lights are measured using the Kp index. Bragason warns people not to take the Kp index too seriously however, which means the strength of geomagnetic activity on a scale from 0-9. "The Kp index in Iceland can be lower og higher than the one on the forecast."

Northern Lights are most likely at around 11 pm for the next couple of nights. "Be patient is my best advice. Keep your eyes on the skies and give yourself plenty of time."

The Northern Lights forecast of Stjörnufræðivefurinn can be seen HERE. 


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