First Icelander reaches peak of K2

 "There are mixed emotions. We're incredibly tired. It was extremely difficult," says John Snorri Sigurjónsson, speaking from the summit at around 11 am. He's the first Icelander to reach the peak of K2 which is 8.611 metres high and one of the most dangerous mountains to climb in the world. 

It took Sigurjónsson over 18 hours to reach the summit from the fourth camp. Twelve people are in his group, including nine sherpas. 

"We were blue from lack of oxygen and we will be making our way down as soon as possible." Getting back to base camp will take around three days.  Sigurjónsson made the climb for the charity Líf which goes directly to support the women's and maternity ward at the National Unversity Hospital in Reykjavik.  Sigurjónsson is a father of five children. 




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