Kit Harington on Iceland: Saw global warming with my own eyes

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Actor Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow on The Game of Thrones series spoke to Time Magazine about the new series, filmed again partly in Iceland. He says he saw global warming with his own eyes in Iceland and that it was terrifying. 

"The one irony I found this year, it was a very sad irony: We went to Iceland to find snow, because winter is here. We got there and we were lucky to get the snow we did, because in our world, winter is definitely not here. It’s this weird parallel the opposite parallel. We go out there this year, and the glacier that me and Rose [Leslie] filmed on four years ago, I saw it and it has shrunk. I saw climate change and global warming with my own eyes, and it is terrifying."

Svínafellsjökull glacier is an outlet of the huge Vatnajökull glacier and has been featured as a location in the immensely popular series.  Many Icelandic locations are used to portray scenery in North of the Wall, the Wildling Camps, King's Landing and backdrops for those terrifying white walkers. 

Svínafellsjökull forms part of Vatnajökull glacier.

Svínafellsjökull forms part of Vatnajökull glacier. Iceland Monitor/ Friðrik Tryggvason




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