Don't feed the ducks at Lake Tjörnin this summer!

Ducklngs on Lake Tjörnin yesterday.

Ducklngs on Lake Tjörnin yesterday. Photo/Björn Ingvarsson

The City of Reykjavik has issued a plea for citizens to stop feeding bread to the ducks on Lake Tjörnin in the city centre. Feeding the ducks at this time of year attracts seagulls to the lake -or pond, if you like, and the tiny ducklings that are now hatching are easy prey for seagulls. 

The first ducklings can be spotted on Lake Tjörnin swimming in lines behind their mothers. Seagulls prefer the seaside but are attracted to the pond to feed on bread and ducklings. 

Throwing bread into the pond can also have a detrimental effect on the bacteria in the water, which sometimes causes a thin toxic layer. 

The City of Reykjavik recommends that people stop feeding bread or anything else to the ducks from May until the autumn as the birds get plenty of natural food in the pond. When autumn sets in the birds need more to eat but people are asked to bring alternatives to bread, such as grains, seeds, oats, lettuce or cooked rice, all of these being better for the birds and the ecosystem as a whole. 

Feeding the ducks, geese and swans at Lake Tjörnin is …

Feeding the ducks, geese and swans at Lake Tjörnin is popular with children. Ásdís Ásgeirsdóttir




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