Tourist village to rise by Iceland’s Geysir

Investors plan to build a tourist village for up to thousand people in the vicinity of Geysir, one of the jewels of Icelandic nature, located in South Iceland.

The village will be by the Golden Circle, a tour taken by most tourists visiting Iceland. As the plans stand today, the village will not only service people staying there, but also tourists passing by.

The village will be ready in 4-5 years, if all goes according to plan.

One of its kind

This project is one of its kind in Iceland, the first to be built solely to service tourists. A new type of construction method will also be exerted which allows for the buildings to be built very quickly.

 “We’ve bought three conjoining farms, which are in a line of sight from Geysir with a view over Langjökull glacier. These are 76 hectares of land, we plan to build 8000 square metres of housings. Summer houses, a service centre, possibly a pool and a hotel. We’ll do some market researches this summer to find out what is really needed, and what level of service. We are ready to explore all options,” says Birgir Örn Arnarsson, chairman of Arwen, the investment company behind the plans.

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