Silfra opens again for diving with stricter rules

Silfra is a very popular tourist attraction in Iceland.

Silfra is a very popular tourist attraction in Iceland. Magnússon

New rules on diving and snorkelling in Silfra were applied yesterday morning. This follows a second death in the famous crevasse this year. 

"Everyone seems content with the new rules, and I believe they will serve well. Of course neither myself or anyone else can say that all possible accidents in Silfra have been prevented, but it's a step in the right direction," says Einar Sæmundssen, education representative at Þingvellir National Park in South Iceland. 

A temporary ban had been placed on snorkelling and diving in Silfra when a tourist in his sixties died there last week. 

The new rules call for fewer people per guide, people have to have experience diving in dry suits and they also have to be checked for physical health before embarking on a dive or snorkel. 




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