Many accidents in Iceland's sudden winter

One of the buses of Strætó, the public bus system, …

One of the buses of Strætó, the public bus system, drove off the road just north of Reykjavik Ljósmynd/Aðsend

Ice and snow are making problems for the people of the land of ice. After a period of warm weather winter decided to return. Temperatures have dropped below zero, covering roads with ice which makes driving conditions considerably worse. To top that off it’s been snowing, making many roads both slippery and not easily passable due to the snow.

This has shown itself in the amount of accidents that have happened in Iceland today and yesterday. Two main roads by Reykjavik had to be closed while damaged cars were being cleared away. One of them was a bus, a part of the public transportation system. In the other a car driving on Reykjanesbraut ventured into the wrong side of the road, hitting another car. One person died.

Driving conditions over mountain roads are difficult in most parts of the island, even though the roads are open. Iceland Monitor encourages drivers to take great care and check the weather forecast and road conditions before starting a trip. There is nothing wrong with driving this time of year, just remember to be careful.




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