Interview: Adventurer Alex Bellini crosses Vatnajökull glacier

Italian adventurer Alex Bellini is currently in Iceland. Bellini has rowed across both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and his next upcoming project is to dwell alone on an iceberg on the Greenland coast. First, however, he's going to cross Vatnajökull, Iceland's largest glacier. met with Bellini after a lecture he gave at the National Energy Authority of Iceland. The interview is in English with Icelandic subtitles. 

The aim of his Greenland iceberg adventure is to record the process of the iceberg as it melts into the sea. By doing so he hopes to highlight global warming issues and the consequences for Planet Earth. Once on the iceberg, he will enter a safety capsule designed to withstand waves. 

In 2005, Bellini rowed across the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, some 11,000 kilometres and which took him 227 days. 

In 2008 he rowed 18,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Australia. That took him 294 days. 


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