Worst storm of the day yet to come

Despite the frankly terrible weather today the worst storm is yet to come, according to the Iceland Met Office. The wind will reach its maximum speed late tonight and in the early hours of the morning. 

People are particularly warned about driving along Reykjanesbraut, which is the road leading from Keflavik (and the international airport) to the capital area. Water is collecting in tyre indentations and blowing horizontally across the road. 

The Landsbjörg SAR team urges people in the Reykjavik capital area to remove loose objects or secure them, on balconies and in gardens. Barbecues, trampolines, flowerpots could all take off and damage property or people. 

The weather will worsen at 10 pm tonight but should be over sometime tomorrow morning. 




-2 °C

Partly cloudy

Later today

-1 °C



-2 °C

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