LATEST Katla update: “Seismic episode over”

Photo: Iceland Monitor/RAX

The Scientific Advisory Board of Iceland’s Civil Protection Department met this morning to discuss the seismic activity at South Iceland’s Katla volcano which began last Thursday.

Here are the main conclusions:

  • The seismic event is the largest one in Katla for decades. Seismic activity has now decreased dramatically, having peaked in power on Friday.
  • The most likely reason for the seismic activity is magma movement in the earth’s crust, but no evidence of such movements has manifested itself on the surface of the glacier.
  • The seismic episode appears to be over.
  • Seismic activity in Katla over the last two months has been significantly greater than at any time over the last few years. It is unclear whether the activity will continue or if it will decrease even further.

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