Icelandic horses form a heart in the snow

Photo: Max Lupidi

Photographer Max Lupidi sent us this lovely photograph of two Icelandic horses in winter whose hoofprints formed a heart in the snow. 

Lupidi was on his third journey to Iceland in the wintertime. "This was my unique shot of the day.  The southern coast of an untouched landscape in Fljotshlid area, as far as the eye can see in wintertime. I discover an idyllic countryside with farms, mountains and the typical Icelandic horses in the snow. I stopped my car when I saw two horses walk away slowly and their hoofprints left  a heart in the snow. A lovely vision."

He says that he finds the Icelandic horse both friendly and willing. "They come in all colors from white to black, palomino to silver, and everything in between. I had the opportunity to ride my white horse at the Kidafell farm in Kjós. My ride started from the Kidafell farm and I rode towards a very small river called Skorá. I followed the banks of the river, crossing it a few times. There are many reasons to love this small Nordic country and to visit this endlessly fascinating country. What’s so special about a horse, you may ask? Well, driving around Iceland you’ll quickly discover why they’re such an important part of the travel experience there. All around the country, nearly every field seems to be filled with them, slowly grazing or play fighting with each other, in their own undeniably cute way. They’re cute because these aren’t your normal horses. More pony sized, their diminutive stature and fuzzy winter coats make them seem more like stuffed animals come to life instead of the work and show horses they really are."

Lupidi, who has been travelling to Iceland since his  honeymoon spent there in 1989 considers Iceland his second home. 

Check out more of his Iceland photographs HERE. 


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