Wilderness Center – A slice of Icelandic timelessness

Photo: Wilderness Center

Are you looking for a real get-away-from-it-all experience of timeless and authentic Iceland? Then the Wilderness Center in East Iceland could be just the place for you.

Located off the southern tip of East Iceland’s stunning Lagarfljót lake in the brooding valler of the Jökulsá River, the newly opened Wilderness Center is a charming family venture showcasing the best of Iceland highland life.

Guests can enjoy authentic accommodation, local food and exhilarating tours into the highlands – all from this homely and relaxing environment.

Photo: Wilderness Center

There are no clocks on the walls of the beautifully appointed traditional farmhouse, as losing track of time is key to the experience. Guests are greeted with a cheery smile and the smell of fresh coffee and home-baked cakes.

Accommodation is in one of the house’s single or double rooms, or in the stunning reconstructed adjacent dormitory – kitted out to recreate the sleeping quarters of a traditional nineteenth-century Icelandic abode.

If the clean country air and spectacular views of the river and valley take it out of you, the Wilderness Center is on hand to recharge your batteries with a magnificent menu of home-cooked locally sourced hot and cold food.

Photo: Wilderness Center

But don’t worry about the calories – burning them off will be a joy thanks to the impressive range of tours – day tours, guided tours, and tailor-made tours – available. Whether hiking, walking or riding on horseback, the region offers guests a marvellous authentic highland experience, all accessible from the Center.

A fascinating exhibition showcasing Icelandic history, the Icelandic highlands and the life of the original inhabitants of the house has just opened and is well worth a visit.

Photo: Wilderness Center

For all the things going on, the Wilderness Center is above all a place of relaxation and peace. “Timelessness and authenticity is what we are all about,” says host Arna.

This peaceful hideaway, located right by the edge of Northern Europe’s biggest wilderness, is not to be missed by those longing for a slice of timeless Icelandic charm.




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