Air Iceland flight aborted after take-off birdstrike

From Ísafjörður Airport.

From Ísafjörður Airport. Photo:

An internal flight to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik was aborted this morning after a bird struck one of the aircraft’s engines during take-off.

The incident occurred early enough in the take-off run for the pilot to abort take-off. There were nineteen passengers aboard the Air Iceland Bombardier Q200 aircraft at the time.

The aircraft was accelerating towards take-off in the northern town of Ísafjörður at around 9:30 his morning when a bird struck one of its two engines.

The aircraft is still immobilised and a flight engineers has been sent to the scene of the incident.

“There is no visible damage to the engine, but it is procedure to inspect it,” says Air Iceland CEO Árni Gunnarsson, adding that birdstrikes of this type are not frequent.

The aircraft in question was scheduled to fly to Greenland and to the eastern town of Egilsstaðir today and delays are now likely on those services.




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