Video camera found on Skaftafellsjökull glacier- looking for its owner

Do you know this man? A New Zealander who lost ...

Do you know this man? A New Zealander who lost his camera four years ago on an Icelandic glacier.

A German tourist found a video camera on Skaftafellsjökull last summer lost by a New Zealander four years ago.  The camera is still searching for its owner.

Dorle Qu­ei­sner, who travelled around Iceland last summer reveals to the New Zea­land Her­ald  that the camera is not working but that the memory card is intact, which included 50 diary entries by its owner, the last dates being in  May 2012.

"I was afraid that the last film showed that he could have an accident on the glacier," she says.

"But you can see he attached the camera on the backpack and attached it to a backpack." 

She then found out that a New Zealander named James Wiig had stayed at a nearby hotel, leaving an email, however he has not responded to messages. 

"I believe that it would be very nice to get the video diary back to him."

 Here you can see footage filmed on the lost camera.


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