"Tap water hotel" called "terrible" on Trip Advisor

The hotel is located at Skólavörðustígur 42 above the Krambúðin …

The hotel is located at Skólavörðustígur 42 above the Krambúðin grocery store. Photo/Já.is

Hótel Adam, that got into the news today for advising its guests against drinking tap water and instead selling their own labelled water receives a big thumbs down on TripAdvisor. 

 One hotel guests says on TripAdvisor that the tap water smelled of sulphur and that there were small bottles of water in the fridge. "I didn't know where they came from so I preferred buying water at the store downstairs."

Vatnið er sérmerkt hótelinu en ekki kemur fram hvort viðurkenndur aðili hafi tappað því á ...

Photo/ Facebook  There is no source listed for the water in the Hotel Adam bottles sold at the hotel.

Guðmundur Sæmundssen at the Iceland Travel Bureau says this is previously unheard of in Iceland. "This is prepostrous if it's true. If a person conducts business in this way I think it will be very detrimental to the hotel. But I don't think tourists would take note of one hotelier in Reykjavik telling them that the tap water is undrinkable."

Mbl.is has tried without success to reach the owner of Hótel Adam today. 

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The curious sign at the hotel.

The curious sign at the hotel. Photo/ Facebook


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