The beauty of the Icelandic horse in winter

The Icelandic horse grows a thick coat in winter so ...

The Icelandic horse grows a thick coat in winter so it can withstand harsh weather and freezing temperatures. Screenshot/ Helgi Skúlason

The Icelandic horse is a unique breed which developed from the horses brought over by Norse settlers in the 9th and 10th century. It's the only breed of horse in Iceland due to import laws and it's known for it's hardy nature and for the two gaits it displays in addition to the gaits common to other breeds: tölt and skeið

Icelandic horses, who are small and sturdy, are also popular internationally, both in Europe and North America. Here's a beautiful video published by Helgi Skúlason on Facebook of the Icelandic horse in winter, when it grows a thick coat of fur to withstand the harsh climate. 

Ég veit enga skepnu fallegri en íslenska hestinn í vetrarbúningi. Geislandi af krafti, þoli og seiglu hefur hann lifað með okkur og aðlagast náttúrunni frá landnámi. Það er bara fátt meira íslenskt en hann. Setti nokkrar myndir undir fagra tóna og eins og alltaf er öllum velkomið að deila og HD gefur meiri myndgæði :-)

Posted by Helgi Skúlason on Wednesday, 2 December 2015




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