New WOW headquarters to include marina and art gallery?

Director of WOW air, Skúli Mogensen.

Director of WOW air, Skúli Mogensen. Rax / Ragnar Axelsson

Icelandic airline WOW air has applied to the municipality of Kópavogur for a building site in Kársnes by the seafront. WOW wishes to build offices that span 9 thousand square metres with a possible extension up to 12 thousand square metres. 

WOWair is currently located at Katrínartún in Reykjavik's financial district in 105 Reykjavik. For the new building, WOW intends to hold a contest between 4- 5 architectural firms on the design. In the application, WOWair state that the intention is to raise beautiful and modern headquarters with open spaces facing the ocean with a strong connection to the surrounding nature.

They would like to open a cafeteria in the building with free internet connection for the public with open spaces inside the building for art exhibitions or other cultural events. In addition, WOWair picture a marina next to the headquarters and in the surrounding area, artwork owned by director Skúli Mogensen would be on display.

WOWair, a company founded in 2011  has grown rapidly in recent years and now has 175 staff members all year round as well as an additional airline staff of 100 during the summer season.




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