PHOTOS: Iceland in a nutshell

Readers of the Stuck in Iceland travel blog are regularly treated to collections of photographs of Iceland which can only be described as stunning – and the latest contribution by Martin Schulz is no exception.

In his latest post, entitled ‘Iceland in a nutshell’, Schulz – a self-confessed Iceland mega-fan – visits the western peninsula of Snæfellsnes, an area where Schulz feels visitors “will be able to find everything which is typical of Iceland”.

“Like a finger, [Snæfellsnes] points out into the north Atlantic Ocean, with the distinctive glacier Snæfellsjökull at its peak,” writes Schulz. “Even Jules Verne was so fascinated by this place that he started his ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ right on top of this glacier.”

A taster of Schulz’s wonderful snaps from various parts of Snæfellsnes can be seen above and the full blog post is available here.




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