No sex allowed in the Blue Lagoon

Guards are on duty at all hours and part of …

Guards are on duty at all hours and part of their job is to make sure that no hanky-panky is going on in the lagoon. Photo: Garðar Páll Vignisson

"It's a rapidly disappearing problem," says Atli Sigurður Kristjánsson at the Blue Lagoon's marketing department when asked by Morgunblaðið whether it's common for people to have sex in the lagoon's opaque waters. 

The Blue Lagoon has strict regulations regarding sexual relations of visitors in the lagoon. Four security guards are always on duty and observe every interaction. "It's part of their job to make sure that noone is having sex in the lagoon. It's not allowed, we don't want anyones experience of the lagoon to be marred." Guests of the lagoon who are caught having sex are asked to leave.

Krsitjánsson adds that the problem was rife in the old blue lagoon but has not really been a problem in recent years with the new construction. 


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