Esja to get cable-car service

A cable-car in the Alps.

A cable-car in the Alps. Photo: Wikipedia/SteGrifo27

Preparatory work is under way for a new cable-car service up and down Esja Mountain, to the north of the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.

The company behind the project, Esjuferja, has already applied to rent the land required for the building work and design and organisation efforts have begun.

“The prerequisite conditions for the project have improved,” explains Arnþór Þórðar­son, CEO of Esjuferja. “Cost estimates are looking better and market conditions are improving. Rising tourist numbers are the most important factor here.”

The estimated cost of setting up a cable-car service up and down the 3,000 ft landmark mountain is ISK 3 billion (approx. €20.3 million).

Esja from Reykjavik.

Esja from Reykjavik. Photo: Rósa Braga


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