"Whappy" app for a whale-friendly Iceland holiday

A new "whappy" app has been launched in Reykjavik by IFAW, The International Fund for Animal Welfare. The app contains information about whale friendly restaurants as well as whale watching operators, whale friendly souvenirs and  an identification guide for whales and dolphins that can be seen in Icelandic waters.

IFAW's Icelandic representative Sigursteinn Másson said in a release by IFAW: "The new app is another way of informing tourists visiting our beautiful country about the wonder of whale watching, but it also helps them make whale friendly decisions and ensure their trip does not leave a bad taste in their mouth. Many tourists are not fully aware of the contradiction of going whale watching then later eating whale meat. Icelanders have very little appetite for whale meat these days, so if tourists sample whale meat in our restaurants they are contributing directly to the number of whales being killed." 

For the Icelandic policy on sustainable commercial whaling see the Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries.




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