Google can’t help? Ask Guðmundur!

‘Ask Guðmundur’ is a new Icelandic search engine – powered by humans. Seven Icelandic men and women, all named Guðmundur or Guðmunda, will be fielding questions from visitors to Iceland on all topics under the sun (or indeed, snow).

Regional expertise

The seven members of the Ask Guðmundur team come from the seven regions of Iceland and are therefore able to provide authentic, personalised, insider replies to tourists wanting to know more about the country.

Visitors are encouraged to send their queries to Inspired by Iceland on Twitter or Facebook. Questions are directed to the relevant Guðmundur/Guðmunda and replies posted back on the social accounts.

The aim of the project – scheduled to last through to autumn – is to raise awareness about Iceland and its people, to educate and encourage tourists to visit other parts of the country, and generally to get people talking about Iceland.

Get it right!

Just so you know, Guðmundur is NOT pronounced as it is written. A [v] sound needs to be inserted between the initial ‘G’ and ‘u’ and the Icelandic letter ‘ð’ is pronounced just like the voiced ‘th’ in, say, the English word ‘that’. The first part of the name is therefore pronounced something like ‘gvuth’.

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