"The cold is not dangerous"

Members of the Reykjavik sea swimming association took part in their annual "martyr" swim on Good Friday in Grótta, Reykjavík. "The martyrdom in this event is that there's no hot pool to warm up in after the swim," explains swimmer Ragnheiður Valgarðsdóttir. "It takes time to warm up afterwards but you feel great." She adds that the weather was quite windy and there were a lot of waves. More and more people join the event every year and this time there were thirteen swimmers altogether.

But what are the benefits of swimming in cold water? "First and foremost its being outside and being connected with nature. There's something good in the ocean, it's benificial to both body and soul. It's like a healing process and it has a good influence on peope. The cold is not dangerous. Icelanders are a bit obsessed about being warm. "




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