Ram Testicles and Shark Likely to Be Enjoyed at Home

Þorri foods.

Þorri foods.

Vala Hafstað

Þorri, the fourth winter month of the old Icelandic calendar, begins January 21. It always starts on a Friday between January 19 and 26. Icelanders traditionally celebrate þorri by getting together and feasting on old-fashioned Icelandic foods, such as fermented shark, boiled sheep’s heads, liver sausage, blood sausage, and rams’ testicles, which they commonly wash down with the Icelandic schnapps brennivín.

Þorrablót, as the gathering is called, is typically attended by numerous people, who celebrate not only by feasting on the foods, but by singing, dancing and telling stories.

From Krónan grocery store.

From Krónan grocery store. Photo/Árni Sæberg

Due to restrictions on public gatherings, it is likely, however, that the aforementioned delicacies will be consumed at home instead of at large gatherings.

Employess of Krónan grocery stores were busy yesterday filling shelves and coolers with typical þorri foods. “We sell a third of þorri foods during the first weekend of þorri,” Ólafur Júlíusson, manager at Krónan, tells Morgunblaðið . He explains that not only are foods conserved in whey popular, but that customers like to purchase salted lamb, herring and dried fish as well.

The þorri trays available at Krónan are prepared by Múlakaffi restaurant. Those are expected to be popular, since celebrations will likely be limited to the home.


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