Icelandic culinary team wins gold medal

The Icelandic chef's team

The Icelandic chef's team Ljósmynd/Aðsend

 The Icelandic team of chefs won a gold medal at the Expogast Villeroy and Boch Culinary Cup which takes place every four years in Luxembourg. 

The gold medal was won for the three course hot meal prepared by the team. 

First Lady to accompany Icelandic culinary team to Luxembourg. 

Björn Bragi and First Lady, Eliza Reid.

Björn Bragi and First Lady, Eliza Reid. Ljósmynd/Aðsend

"We're incredibly happy about this success as we've been preparing for this for 18 months. Although we encountered a few difficulties we have now shown that the Icelandic chef's team is one of the best in the world," says president of the team, Björn Bragi Bragason. 





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