Books: Taste of Iceland chosen best in the world

WIld chef Úlfar Finnbjörnsson.

WIld chef Úlfar Finnbjörnsson. Photograph/Salka

The all Icelandic cookbook, Taste of Iceland, has been chosen best in the world by the prestigious Gourmand cookbook award.

Taste of Iceland offers a fantastic introduction to the world of modern Icelandic cuisine with a traditional twist. Celebrating the unique, clean, diverse and ambitious this book offers a taste of Iceland to home cooks worldwide. Leading the way is Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, often nicknamed “the Wild Chef” due to his passion for hunting and all that Icelandic nature has to offer.

The book features everything from seafood to smoked lamb, wild game to traditional Icelandic pastry, and is full of enthusiasm for the gastronomic riches that can be found in and around Iceland.

Photographs by Lárus Karl Ingason play an important role in the book and combine the Icelandic scenery with the pure ingredients from the nature.

Úlfar’s passion for wild, fresh and sustainable cuisine has made him a pioneer of reinventing traditional Icelandic fare. A true chef and hunter, Úlfar considers high quality local elements the key to creating a unique and exceptional dining experience.

The cornerstone of Icelandic cuisine is the creativity, respect and adventurous approach of its chefs. This means that the best chefs use local ingredients, learn from traditions close to home, seek out the finest from around the world, and then blend these together fearlessly on a journey that has no map. It’s an adventure that requires thinking outside the box while staying true to one’s roots – and thereby creating masterpieces in the process.




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