Iceland's smallest restaurants opens its doors

The restaurant only seats 11 people.

The restaurant only seats 11 people.

Iceland's smallest restaurant to date only seats eleven people and to obtain a seat you have to book online.
The man behind ÓX is star chef Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon who also operates Sumac Bar & Grill.
The new restaurant offers a unique foodie experience, he tells
"The idea behind ÓX came to me around 10 years ago when I was working at Grillið restaurant in Hótel Saga and at the Kjarrá fishing lodge during the summer. My proximity to my guests at Kjarrá was such that it opened a new world to me. At Grillið one was just closed off in the kitchen and never met with the guests. "
ÓX is open Wednesday until Saturday and offers kitchen fittings that was made by his grandfather in 1961. "I had kept it for  a few years and intended to use it at the small restaurant. The idea was to make a sort of home-kitchen and bar feel where guests would sit. I cook the food, serve the food and chat to guests."
At every given time there are only two staff members at ÓX and the cuisine is basically Icelandic traditional cooking with a twist. "The name ÓX means "grew" in Icelndic. I'm hoping that the restaurant will grow and thrive."
Guests at ÓX arrive at 7 pm punctually with dinner beginning at 7.15 and taking around two and a half hours.  All reservations are made online and dinners are pre-paid.
"The only thing guests have to bring is a good mood. Everything is included in the price.
For reservations see HERE.
Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon, head chef of Sumac and now ÓX.

Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon, head chef of Sumac and now ÓX. MagnússonÓX


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