Man finds dead rodent in salad at Reykjavik restaurant

A man who ordered a salad this weekend at a restaurant in Reykjavik was surprised to find a dead rodent in his meal.  The Reykjavík health authorities were alerted and the restaurant facilities were immediately checked out. 

"The restaurant was closed for a while while it was being investigated but we didn't feel that there was any need to keep it closed as nothing points to a rodent infestation," said Óskar Ísfeld Sigurjónsson at the Reykjavik health authority. 

The rodent was a baby and has been sent to specialists to find out what it is exactly. It is thought that it arrived with the vegetables from abroad. 

Morgunblaðið contacted the wholesale company that imports the lettuce and they were very sorry that this occurred. "The spinach is transported in closed packaging from abroad. We take this very seriously."

The restaurant manager said to Morgunblaðið, "I'm totally shocked. I've never experienced anything like it. Our cleanliness standards are so high that this is just incredible."




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