Licorice mania continues in Iceland: Now for licorice cheesecake!

Licorice has always been a popular sweet in Iceland but in recent years, licorice and Turkish pepper (a Danish licorice candy flavoured with ammonium chloride) made its way into all kinds of foods. This includes candy, ice-cream, cakes, salt, almonds, nuts, raisins and even skyr. 

The latest addition is a new licorice flavoured cheesecake from dairy company MS. The, food web recommends eating it with a licorice flavoured sauce. Try if you dare. 



USD USD 103.12 EUR EUR 126.08
GBP GBP 142.75 DKK DKK 16.93
NOK NOK 13.12 SEK SEK 12.83
CHF CHF 107.34 JPY JPY 0.93

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