Icelandic Kombucha hits the market

 The ultimate new age hipster drink Kombucha is now becoming popular in Iceland, and there's even an Icelandic Kombucha called Kombucha Iceland.

Kombucha Iceland is produced by Manuel Plasencia Guiterrez and Ragna Björk Guðbrandsdóttir and you can get it on tap at Frú Lauga, a popular straight-from-the-farm shop in Laugalækur in Reykjavik. 

"Kombucha is a very nutritious drink that contains plenty of good bacteria, a low dose of caffeine, low sugar and few calories."

Kombucha, which is a pro-bioitic beverage apparently has great benefits to the gut and helps people to improve digestion, in fighting harmful candida overgrowth  and helps with mental clarity and mood stability. 

"We offer four flavours: ginger, Icelandic crowberry, Jasmine and original. The producers are experimenting with Icelandic ingredients such as rhubarb and redcurrants for future flavours."

Frú Lauga is located at Laugalækur 6 near Laugadalur swimming pool.  You can bring bottles for your Kombucha. 




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