Icelander breaks the internet by cooking lamb in a hot tub

Kristinn Guðmundsson hosts Icelandic cooking programme Soð, and on Tuesday he started an 18 hour live broadcast of himself cooking a whole lamb in one of those hot-tub jacuzzi things that a lot of Icelanders have in their gardens. (Iceland's geothermally heated water means that luxury comes cheaper here for this kind of outdoor bathing luxuries). 

Guðmundsson is a fan of sous-vide cooking, a French cooking method which means "under vacuum" and refers to sealing up food in a bag and cooking it to a precise temperature in a water bath.  

For some entirely bizarre reason this was one of the most watched things on the internet in Iceland in recent days. We're not sure if people were inspired, horrified or simply curious. To accompany his sous-vide Icelandic lamb he prepared a wild thyme Bearnaise sauce and a wild thyme cocktail. 

You can follow him on YouTube HERE. 


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