30 new restaurants opening in Reykjavik this year

 There's quite a restaurant boom happening in the Reykjavik city centre with around 30 new restaurants planning to open this year.  Some of the restaurants are almost finished and some still only an idea. 

If all of these projects become a reality then their turnover will be around 3.7 billion ISK per year with hundreds of employees .

Among the new restaurants opening are Jamie's Italian at Hótel Borg. Jóhannes Steinn Jóhannesson, head chef at Jamie's Italian says that the target group for the restaurant is the typical Icelander.  "Restaurants have been neglecting the typical Icelander by offering expensive dining and fancy packaging. The typical Icelander only goes out for a nice dinner on weekends. We want people to come here on Mondays and Tuesdays as well. Our restaurant is excellently situated and is suited to tourists in that way, and tourists always go to the places where locals go."




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