The best Happy Hours in Reykjavik

Champagne at Rok.

Champagne at Rok.

Looking for a great Happy Hour tonight? Here are a few ideas for the most original, the ones with the longest hours and the ones with the most delicious drinks. 

Pablo discobar offers really fun and interesting cocktails for half the usual price and a really funky atmosphere with crazy wallpaper, kitschy decorations and bartenders wearing sweatbands. There's also a champagne Wednesday offer.
Where: Veltusund 1, 101 Reykjavik. 
When: 16-18 every day. 
Offers: All beer on tap, all wine and select cocktails for half price. 

Bar Ananas another tropical themed bar frequented by arty types and hipsters. Perfect for a bit of summer atmosphere. 

Where: Klapparstígur 38, 101 Reykjavik
When: Every day between 16 and 20
Offers: Beer from 700 ISK  and glass of wine from 800 ISK. Daiquiri of the day for 1600 ISK. 

Matarkjallarinn has a more sophisticated kind of happy hour with live piano music.  You can also enjoy a small course including tuna and avocado tartare.

Where: Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavik
When: 23-01
Offers: Beer from 650 ISK, glass of wine from 800 ISK and selected cocktails from 1.190 ISK. 

Tuna tartar at Matarkjallarinn.

Tuna tartar at Matarkjallarinn. Lydsson

 has good offers for those seeking stronger drinks to start off the night. 
Where: Hafnarstræti 4, 101 Reykjavik
When: every day between 16 og 21
Offer: Beer and glass of wine for 700 ISK, selected cocktails at 1.400 ISK and Gin and Tonic for 1.000 ISK.

is a tiny bar by the harbour offering happy hours until 9 pm.
Where: Geirsgata 9
When: Daily betwen 18 and 21 
Tilboð: small beer for ISK 550, a litre of beer for 1.000, a G&T for 1.200 and a selection of cocktails at 1.200.  

A cocktail at the tiny Mar Bar.

A cocktail at the tiny Mar Bar.

 offers champagne Thursdays to light up your week. 
Where: Klapparstígur 33, 101 Reykjavik
When: daily betwen 12-19.35 and cockails between 19- 21. 
Offer: A glass of wine and beer from 800 ISK, cocktails for 1.500 between 19 - 21 and on Thursdays the glass of sparkling wine is offered at 1.000 ISK, a bottle of sparkling wine at 5.000 ISK and a bottle of champagne at 10.000 ISK. 

Healthfood restaurant Gló (at their Fákafen branch) has a happy hour in the mornings, a sure fire way to kill your hangover. At the Tonic and coffee bar at Gló you can choose from one of four drinks, a green smoothie, protein smoothie, bullett proof coffee or Chaga Latte with a free shot of ginger at only 890 ISK.  

Where: Gló, Fákafeni, 108 Reykjavik
When: from 7.30-10 in the morning. 
offer: Drink and shot for 890 ISK. Breakfast bowl, shot and coffee for 890 ISK. 

The Coocoo's nest offers Italian style happy hour, aperitivo. With alcoholic beverages youget a small dish selected by the chef, which could be a small soup or a sourdough bruschetta. We recommend their Aperol Spritz.

Where: Grandagarður 23
When: Daily between 17 and 19
Offer: With an alcoholic beverage you get a free small dish from the kitchen, or if you prefer a larger meal you get a discount of 200 ISK:  

A cocktail at the Coocoo's Nest.

A cocktail at the Coocoo's Nest. Íris Ann/

Rok is a cool place offering exciting happy hours. You can get a glass of champagne accompanied by licorice, strawberries and melon. 
Frakkastígur 26 a, 101 Reykjavik
When: From 16-19 daily. 
Offer: Glass of  Moët for 1.890 ISK or a bottle for 7.600 ISK. Molto Negro Cava sparkling wine for 1.490 per glass or 5.300 per bottle.  

Slippbarinn is known for its ambitious cocktails made from scratch. Find favourites such as a whiskey sour, Old fashioned or Margarita.  

Where: Mýrargata 2, at the Icelandair hotel, 101 Reykjavik
When: Between 15 and 18 daily. 
Offers: Selected cocktails at 1.200 ISK, a single in soda at 1.000 ISK, beer for 500 ISK and glass of wine for 700 ISK. 

A bartender making a cocktail at Slippbarinn.

A bartender making a cocktail at Slippbarinn.Árni Sæberg

Sæta svínið is a fun and lively place for drinks and small courses.

Where: Hafnarstræti 1-3, 101 Reykjavik. 

When: 15-18 daily. 

Offers: Cocktails, wine by the glass and beer on tap at half the price. 

Cocktails at Sæta svínið.

Cocktails at Sæta svínið.æta Svínið

Uno is a cosy Italian place which is particularly popular with groups of women.
Where: Hafnarstræti 1-3, 101 Reykjavik. 
When: 15 -19 daily, 
Offers: 4 varieties of beer on tap at half the price and house wine by the glass. A selection of cocktails for 1.200 each. 

Apotek kitchen + bar is one of the most popular places to meet for drinks after work. The venue doesn't seat many people at the bar so be there early. Our favourite is the Black Cherry Bijou cocktail made with fresh avocado.

Where: Austurstræti 16
When: 15-18 daily
Offers: Champagne by the glass and by the bottle, all cocktails, beer on tap and wine all at half the price. 

Kex Hostel is a former biscuit factory turned hipster hangout. It's lively, beautifully decorated and very cool.  Instead of happy hour they offer something called Síðdegi which means afternoon, and is an offer on beer accompanied by beer related small dishes.  

Where: Skúlagata 27, 101 Reykjavik

When: Daily between 17 - 19. 

Offers: A large beer at 650 ISK and special offers on small dishes such as fried chicken wings, tartar of lamb and a vegan option. 

A cocktail at Apótek.

A cocktail at Apótek.ótek

The warm atmosphere of Kex Hostel.

The warm atmosphere of Kex Hostel. Mynd/




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