An Icelandic culinary journey to the centre of the gut

Pizza at Hverfisgata 12.

Pizza at Hverfisgata 12. Photo/Kexland

Kexland, the travel company at Kex Hostel,  is offering a new guided tour every Monday and Tuesday of their three wonderful restaurants in Reykjavik.

There's  of course Kex Hostel, which is a hip hostel, bar, live music venue and restaurant all rolled into one in the city centre. Then there's Hverfisgata 12 , a secret gem of a place close by which offers gourmet pizzas in the atmospheric surroundings of a quaint historic building.

Cocktails at Hverfisgata 12.

Cocktails at Hverfisgata 12.


"So many of the people who visit Reykjavik only stay here for a couple of days, and during that time they are hoping to enjoy both natural wonders and the culture of our city,"explains marketing manager Rúnar Ómarson who adds that the goal of Kexland is to help their guests get as much out of their trip as possible.

Culinary snacks at Kex Hostel.

Culinary snacks at Kex Hostel. Photo/ kexland.

"We sort out and recommend the best places to visit, either out of town or in the city centre. We get asked a lot about the best places to have dinner and drinks at, and also where people can meet some of the locals in Reykjavik. On our Journey to the centre of your gut trip we take people on a small but enjoyable adventure, not to the center of a volcano or a glacier, but to the center of the city and the centre of themselves, so to speak. We visit three of our favourite restaurants/bars, and get to taste a selection of food and drinks at each place. In the same time, and for the same price, as one might spend at one restaurant, you get to experience more variety and perhaps you too will find your favourite place in Reykjavik."

Price per person for the culinary journey is 9.800 ISK per person which includes a guide, food and drinks. For more information visit Kexland HERE. 

Cocktails at Hverfisgata 12.

Cocktails at Hverfisgata 12. Photo/ Kexland




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