Knitting warm socks for the soldiers in Ukraine

Þór­dís Kol­brún Reyk­fjörð Gylfa­dótt­ir, Minister of Foreign Affairs, encourages Icelanders to take up the knitting needles and knit warm socks from the warm Icelandic wool for people in Ukraine and document in the website Sendum hlýju which means: Send some warmth.

"We will make sure that the warmth gets to cold feet engaged in difficult projects," writes the minister on her Facebook page.

On the website volunteers can pledge to knit socks for people in Ukraine, soldiers, in particular. On the website you specify the size of the socks and you can also get knitting recipes. All information regarding the project is on the website (in Icelandic) and where you can deliver the socks you knit.

Where to deliver

Here are the places you can deliver the socks:

  • Krónan Lindir
  • Krónan Grandi
  • Krónan Mosfellsbær
  • Krónan Skeifan
  • Krónan Akrabraut
  • Krónan Norðurhella
  • Krónan Flatahraun
  • Nettó Granda
  • Iceland Engihjalla

100 thousand pairs of socks

Gylfadóttir discussed the project with OleksiiReznikov, Ukraine's Minister of Defense and he was very grateful for the warm thoughts and care for Ukraine in Iceland.

"We are all rooting for Ukraine in this horrendous attack from the Russian government. I am just happy that Icelanders can do something to help," Gylfadóttir wrote on Facebook.

The plan is to send a 100 thousand pairs of warm woolen socksto Ukraine at the end of October.

The cold can get down to minus 30 degrees Celcius

In a the video below is a call for Icelanders to help with this project and start knitting. It says that amongst the things needed in Ukraine is warm clothing, since the winter can get very cold, or down to minus 30 degrees Celcius. There are many ways to show the Ukranian nation solidarity and this is one of the ways.


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