The oldest siblings in Iceland

Sigfús Sigurðsson and Bryndís Sigurðardóttir are the oldest siblings in …

Sigfús Sigurðsson and Bryndís Sigurðardóttir are the oldest siblings in Iceland. The picture was taken yesterday at SIgurðsson 104th birthday party celebration, but his actual birthday is today.Óttar

The siblings Sigfús Sigurðsson and Bryndís Sigurðardóttir are the oldest living siblings in Iceland, but their combined age is 203 years and 8 months, according to Jónas Ragnarsson, who is the moderator of the Facebook website "Langlífi" (Long life). Sigurðsson is the older one of the siblings, but it is his 104th birthday today, but he was born on July 18th in 1918. His sister, Sigurðsdóttir is 99 years old, but her 100th birthday is on the 12th of November, and then she will join the growing group of Icelandic centenarians.

Last Sunday there was a party to celebrate the 104th birthday of Sigurðsson, but he is the second oldest Icelander today.

Always been healthy and doesn't feel old

When Sigurðsson is asked if there is anything that he can tribute to his long life, he says he isn't quite sure. "I don't feel like I'am am really old," he says and laughs. He says that he has always been healthy throughout his life. "I would say my health has always been good, and I am feeling fine today, although I would say I was slightly healthier when I was around  80 years old."

It had been a while since the siblings met and …

It had been a while since the siblings met and they really enjoyed their time together and with the family.Óttar

Quite likes modern life

Sigurðsson has lived through different times in his 104 years. "I quite like modern life, although there is always something new you need to be aware of and be careful about." He gives the example of nature and natural disasters which is being talked about a lot these days.

Worked as a mechanic

Sigurðsson grew up in Hafnarfjörður. "I have lived in many places and been all over the country, both when it comes to my homes and my work. "I was sent to the countryside as a young boy, but it was quite good to be there," he says.

"When I was 17 years old I left home and decided to take care of myself. I became a car mechanic and started working for Strætó City Buses, where I got my training, but at the time there was no formal education in this field, well at least it didn´t have the same name." When he was 20 years old he graduated and worked for years for the bus company.

His sister came to his birthdayparty and the siblings really enjoyed seeing each other, but it has been a while since they last met.


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