1,100-Year-Old Siblings

Vala Hafstað

When Þórey Jónasdóttir turned 75 on Monday, her group of siblings reached the combined age of 1,100, Morgunblaðið reports. The 16 siblings range in age from 54 to 79. They are the children of Jónas Ólafsson and Sigríður Gústafsdóttir, from the farm Kjóastaðir in Biskupstungur, Southwest Iceland.

The youngest one, Sigþrúður, has two daughters. “Those were different times, and the demands were different; that’s why it worked,” she states.

She used to play more with her nephews and nieces, who were close to her in age, than with her siblings.

Only a few groups of Icelandic siblings have reached a combined age of 1,000 years.

The Kjóastaðir siblings do a good job of staying in touch, and they get together on a regular basis. What they have in common is being cheerful and hard-working. The sisters are generally very skilled at knitting and sewing. The brothers, on the other hand, are excellent handicraftsmen




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