Valentines Day increases in popularity in Iceland

Just like "foreign" traditions such as Halloween, Valentines Day is now becoming popular in Iceland. Restaurants are particularly busy on this night and so are florists. 

"This day is just like husband's day and wife's day in Iceland. There are couples on tables for two all over," says manager of Italian restaurant Essensia in the centre of Reykjavik. 

The first day of the ancient Norse month of Þorri begins with "bóndadagur", or 'husband's day'. On this day, which usually falls in late January, women give gifts to any significant men in their lives, and often feed them traditional food, related to the Thorri festivites. 

Women's day however falls on this Sunday. It marks the end of Þorri and is a day to celebrate women, when men treat women with flowers or gifts for the significant women in their lives. 

Plenty of restaurants in Reykjavik offer a special Valentines menu for tonight and Essensia for example  offers heart-shaped lobster pizzas. 




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