Is this Iceland's coolest summer cabin?

This is the Hedgehog, a pre fabricated summer cabin from …

This is the Hedgehog, a pre fabricated summer cabin from Döðlur design studio. Images/ Döðlur

 The Hedgehog is a summer cabin which people can purchase completely ready to place and use  in their own land and  it's designed by renowned design studio Döðlur. 

Döðlur designed Oddsson Hotel and Miami Bar in Reykjavik and have worked on marketing material for the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Blue Lagoon and Emessís ice cream to name a few. 

"We had this constant craving to do something wonderful, something different. We've had this idea for around ten years," says owner Daníel Freyr Atlason. 

"My father in law has been enlarging his summer cabin. It's taken three years and it has cost millions of kronas. A lot of that money goes to workers on site. We wanted to make a pre fabricated summer cabin which makes the whole process eastier, quicker, more economical but at the same time, is something quite beautiful."

He describes the Hedgehog as a kind of "plug and play" cabin for people who want to flee the city, a modern cabin at a reasonable price. 

The cabin is basically ready for use and installing it in the right location takes a couple of days although the whole process of ordering the cabin, acquiring licences and installing water and electricity in the area  takes six months.  "The only thing the customer needs to think about is where it's supposed to be located."

The Hedgehog is available in three sizez, 70 square metres, 95 square metres and 110 square metres. All have high ceilings, a large communal area and a large veranda. 


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