Iceland Airwaves: What on earth do I wear?

You've arrived in Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves music festival. (See today's weather map for example).

If this is your first time, you may be glancing at the weather forecast and panicking. How do locals stay relatively chic during storms, rain and possibly snow? 

At the Iceland Airwaves festival the concerts are not in one location but scattered around the city centre so you'd better be smart about how you layer up.  

1. Being cold is not cool

Winter in Iceland does not allow for careless dressing.  Say goodbye to nylon tights, high slippery heels, and flimsy overcoats. 

2. Sliding around on ice is not cool

Again, and we repeat, again, do not wear slippery shoes or high heels when temperatures are below freezing. Especially as banks of ice tend to build up on footpaths even in the city centre. Go for a sturdy pair of boots.  They should have a ribbed rubber sole and being waterproof is definitely a bonus!

3. Layer up

The trick to keeping warm is wearing multiple layers of clothing. This is also particularly useful at Iceland Airwaves when you are bound to get very hot once you're at a concert inside.  

4. Say yes to the winter parka

The obvious choice for winter, and the right  parka can look pretty damn cool, especially when the rest of the ensemble is more urban. 

5.  Go for fur - or a fake fur

Fur looks beautiful in winter and keeps you extremely warm. Grab a good value fur coat at one of the city's excellent second hand stores. If you're against fur, no problem, there are lots of gorgeous fake fur coats available at high street shops. 

6. Accessorize 

Take a hint from fashionable natives who go for stylish hats and scarves. A fur hat keeps you extremely warm and stylish, otherwise go for trendy beanies. Sweep an oversize scarf around your neck and don't forget a pair of warm gloves or mittens. 




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