Swimming pools are Iceland's natural spas

People relaxing at Akureyri swimming pool.

People relaxing at Akureyri swimming pool. Skapti Hallgrímsson

"Water is super good for us. I can see people going to the pool and the hot tubs and feel recharged afterwards. I think that our Icelanidc swimming pools are health spas, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of water," says swim coach Brynjólfur Björnsson

Björnsson is helping adults to master the crawl at Breiðholtslaug swimming pool and says that most of his pupils are around 40 years old. He says it's common that people have never really learned to do the forward crawl properly .

"By swimming in all kinds of different styles we activate almost all muscles in our body. We've always been a nation of swimmers and adults are increasingly starting to swim using the crawl."

Swimming coach Brynjólfur Björnsson.

Swimming coach Brynjólfur Björnsson. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon




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